PUBLIC SPEAKING – Special Saturday Success Breakfast Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs w/ Scott Morgan: Sat. Jan. 31, 2015 @UMBCGradSchool

All graduate students attending institutions within the University System of Maryland are invited to attend a Special Saturday Success Breakfast Seminar on Public Speaking:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Keys to Public Speaking: Prepare for Your Upcoming Presentation.


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Speaker: Scott Morgan

Scott Morgan2Crop

Scott Morgan has been teaching communication skills for 20 years. His clients include the National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic, Merck, NASA, EPA, City of Hope Cancer Center, and several universities: Harvard Medical School, UNC Chapel Hill, Cornell, Maryland, Ohio State, Minnesota, Duke, Nebraska and NC State University, and Texas A&M. He has 25 years of broadcast experience and teaches media and communication strategy to many think tanks in the Washington DC area. Specifically, as a Senior Associate with the Abshire Inamori Leadership Academy of the Center for Strategic and International Studies ( Scott graduated with honors from the University of California, Davis and authored the book Speaking about Science published by Cambridge University Press.

The Morgan Group has been training graduate students and postdocs in Maryland for more than 10 years.

Please come in preparation for your presentations at upcoming local meetings such as the various graduate research conferences, and the PROMISE Research Symposium.

Breakfast refreshments will be served. Please RSVP on MyUMBC: (UMBC graduate students, staff, postdocs, faculty). Participants from other universities may register as a comment to this post with your name and institution.


Published by Renetta Garrison Tull

Dr. Renetta Garrison Tull is the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the University of California Davis. She previously served as Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives at The Graduate School at UMBC, and was Professor of the Practice in the College of Engineering & IT. She was Special Assistant to the Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Director of Graduate and Professional Pipeline Development for the University System of Maryland (12 institutions). She is the Founding Director of PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) –, and Co-PI for the USM LSAMP. Her research on global diversity in STEM continues, and she is an international speaker, covering nearly all continents, for groups and conferences such as the World Engineering Education Forum, the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, and the Pacific Sciences Congress. Her personal website is: Connect with her on Twitter: @Renetta_Tull;

15 thoughts on “PUBLIC SPEAKING – Special Saturday Success Breakfast Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs w/ Scott Morgan: Sat. Jan. 31, 2015 @UMBCGradSchool

  1. Attending this talk was very beneficial. I really like the distinction Mr. Morgan made between what a theme is and what a focus, and how he used them as kind of book ends to a talk. I also appreciated the emphasis he put on the money slide.


  2. This should be offered yearly. There is not one graduate students who will not have to present and this gives tools for an effective presentation. I think this will make me more confident as a presenter. He gave visual tools and verbal tools. This also made me realize that it doesn’t matter how good my study is if I can’t present it effectively.


  3. The seminar included useful guidelines and offered an insightful strategy for presenting research. I think having a common thread that is touched on throughout the presentation is a great idea, and I enjoyed Mr Morgan’s quote, “refer, don’t defer” to slides, which I will keep in mind when creating future presentations.


  4. This seminar was very informative, and gave me the chance to learn new ways to present my research more effectively. I especially appreciated the lesson on finding the common ground between your work and the work of those you are presenting to. Moving forward, I will also incorporate Mr. Morgan’s suggestions about slide organization, brief titles, and the appropriate number of slides for a talk of a certain length. I think this seminar is very helpful and I plan to utilize the things I learned at upcoming events I present at.


  5. I really enjoy this session and look forward to my next presentation.

    Scott Morgan provided an informative session on speaking about science. He suggests that a good presentation should follow the researcher scientific process. Morgan proposes that you should split the slide count in half. For example, if I have ten minutes to present then I should have five slides. More specifically he addresses an awesome exit strategy for presenting. For instance, when you are done with future goals and applicability be proactive and pose a few questions.


  6. This is my third seminar by Scott Morgan and every time it’s a new experience. I have used his suggestion in every presentation I have presented since my first seminar. I feel because of these seminars, I have become a better and more confident presenter. I love the technique that he showed when he pauses with a blank slide and explains to the audience what he wants them to hear before showing them the figure/data on the next slide. This keeps the audience focusing on only one, listening or watching, and therefore more engaged with the presentation.


  7. Scott Morgan Presentation was an incredible experience, because since i have been in school no one really tells you how you should present. But Mr. Morgans gave us a guide line starting from the length on the presentation based on the time one has to present. how to prepare each slide so the audience is kept engaged and the money slide. Therefore i believe that this was a very important seminar especially for us students in the sciences.


  8. Being able to deliver a good presentation is a fundamental skill for anyone to have, and is especially vital for graduate students. However, presentation skills are usually left by the wayside in graduate education. Scott Morgan’s talk on public speaking is a great resource for how to create and perform an effective presentation as I heard from Tim Brown.

    As I learned from Will Easley, one of the key points Scott Morgan mentioned in his presentation was to make your presentation in the form of an hourglass. By that he meant to start with a broad overview, before narrowing the focus, then branching out during the conclusion to talk about the big picture.

    Saadi Habib mentioned that Scott Walker really emphasized how to create effective and useful presentation slides. Walker mentioned tips such as having brief titles for every slide and not putting the take away message of the slide in the title. He also mentioned to make the slides short and straight to the point so that the audience spends less time reading and more time listening to your presentation.


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