October 14, 2016: PROF-IT Seminar – How to Develop a Syllabus: A CIRTL Activity


UMBC’s new CIRTL affiliation (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning) co-sponsors this seminar, along with the “Professors-in-Training – PROF-it” branch of PROMISE: Maryland’s Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate, UMBC’s The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and The Graduate School at UMBC. College Park has been a member of CIRTL for several years, and serves as a CIRTL mentor for UMBC. As part of CIRTL, graduate students and postdocs from all campuses are welcome to attend events.

Graduate students and Postdocs are invited to come to UMBC on Friday,  Oct. 14, 2016 from 12 PM – 2 PM for a seminar on developing a syllabus.  This seminar is part of the PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) series. Participants will learn how to develop a syllabus, manage time in the classroom, and plan content for the semester. Guest Facilitator: Dr. Linda Hodges, Director, UMBC Faculty Development Center.

Linda Hodges, Director of the UMBC Faculty Development Center
Linda C. Hodges, Director of the Faculty Development Center, was Director of the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning at Princeton University from 2003-2009 before retiring to Maryland. She holds a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Kentucky and was a faculty member for over 20 years before transitioning into faculty development. Prior to coming to the McGraw Center in 2001 she was the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry at Agnes Scott College near Atlanta, Georgia. During her faculty tenure at two different institutions she taught a wide range of courses, participated in faculty governance, and served as department chair. In 1999 she was one of 28 faculty chosen nationally to study and assess new pedagogical approaches as a Carnegie Scholar of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. She has published widely on her work in faculty development, engaged student learning, and effective teaching practices. Her special interests are in pedagogies of engagement and the scholarship of teaching and learning.
Seminar: How to Develop a Syllabus
Date: October 14, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Commons 318
Members of the UMBC Community: http://my.umbc.edu/groups/promise/events/42602
Prospective Attendees Outside the UMBC Community: Please RSVP by writing in the comments section below of your interest in attending

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