Effective Grading * √ § Ͼ – September 6, 2017 – Noon – 1:30 PM

Whether new or seasoned, faculty often struggle to manage grading. How can you speed up your grading, make feedback more useful, and gain insights about how to improve student learning? Join your colleagues to discuss best practices for making grading more efficient for you and more useful for students. We’ll discuss the advantages of aligning questions on tests, quizzes, and assignments to your learning goals and of using rubrics to grade student assignments. We’ll also show how using rubrics in Blackboard can integrate grading and assessment of student learning outcomes. Lunch will be provided.

* Part of Provost’s New Faculty Lunch series – all faculty are welcome to attend

√ Counts toward ALIT Certificate
§ Counts towards INNOVATE Certificate
Ͼ CIRTL graduate students are invited to attend

This event forms part of the Prof-it: Professors in Traning Seminars @ UMBC

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