Special Customized MATLAB Seminar for Graduate Students

Several graduate students have expressed a need for assistance with MATLAB.  In order to assist you with understanding some of the more advanced concepts of MATLAB, PROMISE, the Graduate Student Development Unit of the Graduate School, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will sponsor a special, customized session for graduate students and others whoContinue reading “Special Customized MATLAB Seminar for Graduate Students”

Orientations and Success Seminars for 2011-2012

The Graduate Schools at UMBC and College Park will hold orientations this week, and UMBC will hold its first graduate student seminar on Friday, August 26. UMBC’s Evening Graduate School Orientation will be held on Wednesday, August 24 at 4:30 PM. UM College Park invites all new and continuing graduate students of color and allContinue reading “Orientations and Success Seminars for 2011-2012”

Success Seminars

UMBC, UM College Park, and UM The Founding Campus (formerly known as UMB) sponsor a number of seminars and workshops for master’s and doctoral students, and as of 2010, postdoctoral fellows.  Visit our newsletter-styled website and find listings of various workshops on the tabs. http://promisesuccessseminars.wordpress.com/   UMBC Seminar Schedule Workshops for Postdoctoral Fellows