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PROMISE has a number of projects that are within the University System of Maryland, internal to the State of Maryland, national, and international. In addition, we sponsor the website for some external projects that also support efforts to broaden participation in STEM. These various projects will be listed here.


ECUADOR 2015: International Engagement and Broadening Participation in STEM – Ecuador (Sponsor: NSF Broadening Participation in Engineering)

COSTA RICA 2016: International Engagement 2016 (Costa Rica) – Sponsors: NSF Broadening Participation in Engineering and NSF LSAMP for the University System of Maryland

KOREA 2016: International Engagement Part IV: Korea w/ the Global Student Forum & World Engineering Education Forum – Sponsors: The Graduate School at UMBC, PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP

LACCEI 2017: LACCEI 2017 – Boca Raton, FL – Global Competencies & Broadening Participation in STEM – Sponsors: NSF USM LSAMP




Please find a list of all of the posts from this PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP website here:

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