PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) Events Page

Welcome to the PROF-It (Professors-in-Training) Events Page

Fall 2014

Below are dates for our fall events. Click the links that correspond to dates of any events you have attended in order to visit the community discussion pages. Recent events are listed first. Please post your reflections for all PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) Workshops that you have attended. Your thoughtful responses to the questions and your general reflections are an essential part of your application package for the PROF-it teaching fellowship, so be sure to engage your fellow participants in the ongoing dialogue. You may also post follow-up questions for the speakers in case they can respond to them.



One thought on “PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) Events Page

  1. Friday’s seminar, especially the discussion of UMBC professor’s innovations, was very informative. The Fink and Selig tools will be very helpful to me. I am looking forward to employing creative teaching approaches because I think it will help keep me excited about getting in front of my classes.


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