Antoinette Emefa Attipoe

Participant: PROMISE AGEP Research Symposium


Antoinette E. Attipoe
: Department of Computer Science
Institution: Bowie State University



Visualization Tools for Network Security

Network security visualization tool plays an important role in the network security filed. It’s considered the first line of defense because it provides security analysts with visualized network information we need to either prevent or investigate an attack, an intrusion, an anomalous activity and much more. In this paper, we briefly describe the 13 network visualization tools we surveyed and we outline their advantages and disadvantages. We employ qualitative coding as part of our research design or framework to extract some metrics from the list of advantages and disadvantages of the tools to help us design an evaluation methodology, which we plan to use to measure the effectiveness of the visualization tools through usability studies.



Antoinette Attipoe has a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems and in Computer Science as well from Bowie State University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Computer Science at the same school. Her current research focus is on network security visualization tools. She is also extending her research to address the importance and use of network visualization tools in security education as well as measuring the effectiveness of the network visualization tools.



Research Concentration: Cyber security

Current Research Focus: Network security visualization tools; addressing the importance and use of network visualization tools in security education and measuring the effectiveness of the tools.

  • Created a research framework to develop instructional laboratory guides for 13 network visualization tools and to measure their effectiveness through user studies
  • Currently in the preliminary stages of implementing the research framework by developing the first instructional laboratory guide



  1. “Facial Expression Recognition Using Adaptive Templates.” (Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality – CGVR 2013)
  2. “Visualization Tools for Network Security.” (Paper accepted in the IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging 2016 in the Visualization and Data Analysis Conference, to be held at Hilton San Francisco, on February 14 ­ 18, 2016)
  3. “The Importance and Use of Network Security Visualization Tools in Security Education and a Methodology to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Tools.” (Abstract accepted. Full paper submitted on November 21, 2015 to the Computer Science Education Journal)
  4. “Visualizing Network Traffic for Intrusion Detection Systems” – (This work was supported by The National Science Foundation Grant, DUE -1303424), Mentor – Dr. Jie Yan, Bowie State University Research Expo – Spring 2015
  5. “Visualization of Computer Networks” – (This work was supported by The National Science Foundation Grant, DUE -1303424), Mentor – Dr. Claude Turner, Bowie State University Research Expo – Spring 2014
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