David Harris

Participant: PROMISE AGEP Research Symposium

David Harris
: Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)



Improving Usability of an End-to-End Verifiable Remote Voting System 

Remotegrity is a cryptographically end-to-end verifiable (E2E) remote voting system for absentee voters. The system is a hybrid mail/internet extension to the Scantegrity in-person voting system, enabling secure, electronic return of vote-by-mail ballots. It provides voters with the ability to detect unauthorized modifications to their cast ballots made by either malicious client software, or a corrupt election authority. Not only can the voter detect such changes, they can prove it to a third party without giving up ballot secrecy. We propose adapting the system through various methods to improve its effectiveness and ease of use.



David Harris is currently a Computer Science Master’s student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He received his undergraduate degree in Systems and Computer Science from Howard University’s School of Engineering in 2013. He is originally from Silver Spring Maryland but now resides in Catonsville while studying at UMBC.  David loves to travel and has been to many different countries around the world. He is also an avid hiker and nature lover as well.



David Harris’ research interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithm analysis. This year he is working with Dr. Alan Sherman on the subject of trustworthy computing through secure systems and appropriate algorithms and is also researching in the area of secure remote voting algorithms.


  1. 2014 UMBC Graduate Research Conference
  2. OGS 2014 Regional Research Symposium


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