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As PROMISE has been institutionalized on University System of Maryland campuses, we’ve moved PROMISE information to institutional pages (UMBCUMDUMB). Summer Success Institute 2021 info can be found here.

To learn about our newest PROMISE initiative, the AGEP PROMISE Academy Alliance, which seeks to diversify tenure track faculty in the biomedical sciences through a postdoc hiring and conversion model, visit us here.

PROMISE: Succeeding Together

Join us for SSI in 2021

SSI is our premiere event with hundreds of underrepresented graduate students and postdocs coming together for community, skill-building, and networking. Come learn about careers in industry, in federal agencies and academia.

Cross-Institution PD

Across the University System of Maryland, we work together to build your community, your skills, and your success!

Life Long Friendships

PROMISE is family and we will be with you through as you persist through your PhD and journey into your next adventure. Keep in touch with us on twitter (PROMISE_AGEP), facebook, or find us on our campus homepages.

About our programming

The goals of PROMISE are to recruit, retain, graduate, and transition students to STEM careers, with special emphasis on the professoriate.

See our article in Academic Medicine

PROMISE works because of the physical proximity of participating institutions, efforts on individual campuses to address underrepresentation, dedicated administrative leadership from the graduate deans, hands-on involvement from the associate and assistant deans, interest from faculty on all three campuses, and agreement to collaborate

See our paper from the ASEE Conf 2014

Congratulations 2021 PROMISE Graduates

Our Success


ABD graduate students received their PhD after participating in Dissertation House


Last year’s SSI had over 300 registrants!


Our programming is FREE and open to anyone from any discipline or background.

We also have numerous publications from this project: see them HERE.

We hope to see you at this year’s SSI!

About Us

We are PROMISE, an NSF-funded program from 2003-2018, now institutionalized at UMBC, UMD, and UMB.

We provide community and professional development for underrepresented scholars in graduate STEM programs.

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